2born (2born) wrote,

Хиггсовский сектор: обзор на 100 страниц в Physics Reports

Higgs Physics: It ain't over till it's over: https://arxiv.org/abs/1808.01324

Sally Dawson, Christoph Englert, Tilman Plehn

We review the theoretical underpinning of the Higgs mechanism of electroweak symmetry breaking and the experimental status of Higgs measurements from a pedagogical perspective. The possibilities and motivations for new physics in the symmetry breaking sector are discussed along with current measurements. A focus is on the implications of measurements in the Higgs sector for theoretical insights into extensions of the Standard Model. We also discuss of future prospects for Higgs physics and new analysis techniques.
Tags: Мегаучебник или Что я читал и похвалил, разгребая arXiv'ы

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