2born (2born) wrote,

О расширении эйконального приближения в область низких энергий

Low-energy corrections to the eikonal description of elastic scattering and breakup of one-neutron halo nuclei in nuclear-dominated reactions: https://arxiv.org/abs/1807.07877

Собственно, меня заинтересовал первый абзац в аннотации:

Background: The eikonal approximation is a high-energy reaction model which is very computationally efficient and provides a simple interpretation of the collision. Unfortunately, it is not valid at energies around 10 MeV/nucleon, the range of energy of HIE-ISOLDE at CERN and the future ReA12 at MSU. Fukui etal. [Phys. Rev. C 90, 034617 (2014)] have shown that a simple semiclassical correction of the projectile-target deflection could improve the description of breakup of halo nuclei on heavy targets down to 20 MeV/nucleon.
Purpose: We study two similar corrections, which aim at improving the projectile-target relative motion within the eikonal approximation, with the goal to extend its range of validity down to 10 MeV/nucleon in nuclear-dominated collisions, viz. on light targets. The semiclassical correction substitutes the impact parameter by the distance of closest approach of the corresponding classical trajectory. The exact continued -matrix correction replaces the
eikonal phase by the exact phase shift. Both corrections successfully describe the elastic scattering of one-neutron halo nuclei.
Method: We extend these corrections and study their efficiency in describing the breakup channel. We evaluate them in the case of 11Be impinging on 12C at 20 and 10 MeV/nucleon.
Results: Albeit efficient to reproduce the elastic channel, these corrections do not improve the description of the breakup of halo nuclei within the eikonal approximation down to 20 MeV/nucleon.
Conclusions: Our analysis of these corrections shows that improving the projectile-target relative motion is not the ultimate answer to extend the eikonal approximation down to low energies. We suggest another avenue to reach this goal.
Tags: наука, разгребая arXiv'ы, эйконал

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