November 24th, 2021

лошадь, диаграмма, Фейнман

Смешивание и осцилляции нейтрино в КТП: всеобъемлющее введение

Neutrino mixing and oscillations in quantum field theory: a comprehensive introduction:
Luca Smaldone, Giuseppe Vitiello
We review some of the main results of the quantum field theoretical approach to neutrino mixing and oscillations. We show that the quantum field theoretical framework, where flavor vacuum is defined, permits to give a precise definition of flavor states as eigenstates of (non-conserved) lepton charges. We obtain the exact oscillation formula which in the relativistic limit reproduces the Pontecorvo oscillation formula and illustrate some of the contradictions arising in the quantum mechanics approximation. We show that the gauge theory structure underlies the neutrino mixing phenomenon and that there exist entanglement between mixed neutrinos. The flavor vacuum is found to be an entangled generalized coherent state of SU(2). We also discuss flavor energy uncertainty relations, which imposes a lower bound on the precision of neutrino energy measurements and we show that the flavor vacuum inescapably emerges in certain classes of models with dynamical symmetry breaking.

И еще до кучи о нейтрино на следующий день:

Neutrinos and their interactions:
M. Sajjad Athar, S. K. Singh
We present a short overview of the importance of the study of "Neutrino Interactions in the Intermediate and High Energy Region", with an introduction to the neutrinos and a very brief description about the collection of invited articles.
Comments: 7 pages and 2 figures