September 25th, 2020

лошадь, диаграмма, Фейнман

Кембриджская шпаргалка для дипломников и аспирантов

Настоящий кладезь бесплатного знания для проектов, связанных с рассеянием атомов гелия на всяких поверхностях. Загребают очень широко: математика, физика, ЯМР, моджележка, статистика, задачи, ответы, программы в MATLAB'е. Все богатство бесплатно лежит здесь: , а в arXiv'е - краткая реклама:

Version 0: An Educational Package for Helium Atom Scattering Studies:

Ethan L. Arnold, Ming-Shau Liu, Rohit Prabhu, Connor S. Richards
Helium atom scattering studies have the potential for making numerous breakthroughs in the study of processes on surfaces. As this field remains active, there will frequently be new young researchers entering the field. The transition from student to researcher is often met with difficulty, consequently wasting limited time available for a PhD or masters level research. Addressing this issue, we present an educational package for emerging research students in the field of helium atom scattering. We hope that this package serves as sufficient material to significantly accelerate the progress made by new postgraduate students.