May 21st, 2020

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Гаичка на дистанции, лазоревка на водопое, трясогузка на охоте

Снято 7 сентября 2019 года. Оранжевая фигня на деревце - это кусок липкой ленты, какими помечали трассу для какого-то детского забега. чтобы никто не заблудился (не иначе, спортивное ориентирование:)))

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лошадь, диаграмма, Фейнман

Канадские лекции по квантовой теории поля

Lectures on Quantum Field Theory:
James M. Cline
These lectures comprise the second half of a quantum field theory course given in 2004. Topics include the path integral, loop expansion, Feynman rules, various regularization methods, renormalization, running couplings and the renormalization group, fixed points and asymptotic freedom, effective action, Coleman-Weinberg effective potential, fermions, the axial anomaly, QED, gauge fixing, nonabelian gauge theories, unitarity, optical theorem, Slavnov-Taylor identities, beta function of Yang-Mills theory, a heuristic derivation of asymptotic freedom, instantons in SU(N) gauge theory, theta vacua and the strong CP problem. 23 homework problems are included.
Comments: 128 pages, 597 equations, 57 figures
лошадь, диаграмма, Фейнман

Будущее теории деления

Еще одна сегодняшняя вкусность из арХива:

Future of Nuclear Fission Theory:
[очень много авторов:]
There has been much recent interest in nuclear fission, due in part to a new appreciation of its relevance to astrophysics, stability of superheavy elements, and fundamental theory of neutrino interactions. At the same time, there have been important developments on a conceptual and computational level for the theory. The promising new theoretical avenues were the subject of a workshop held at the University of York in October 2019; this report summarises its findings and recommendations.
Comments: 86 LaTeX pages, 3 figures, 331 references, submitted as Topical Review to Journal of Physics G