March 24th, 2020

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Новая конструкция механического вентилятора (т.е. аппарата ИВЛ)

Экстренная разработка на злобу дня. С чертежами:

Mechanical Ventilator Milano (MVM): A Novel Mechanical Ventilator Designed for Mass Scale Production in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemics:

We present here the design of the Mechanical Ventilator Milano (MVM), a novel mechanical ventilator designed for mass scale production in response to the COVID-19 pandemics, to compensate for the dramatic shortage of such ventilators in many countries. This ventilator is an electro-mechanical equivalent of the old, reliable Manley Ventilator. Our design is optimized to permit large sale production in short time and at a limited cost, relying on off-the-shelf components, readily available worldwide from hardware suppliers. Operation of the MVM requires only a source of compressed oxygen (or compressed medical air) and electrical power. The MVM control and monitoring unit can be connected and networked via WiFi so that no additional electrical connections are necessary other than the connection to the electrical power.
At this stage the MVM is not a certified medical device. Construction of the first prototypes is starting with a team of engineers, scientists and computing experts. The purpose of this paper is to disseminate the conceptual design of the MVM broadly and to solicit feedback from the scientific and medical community to speed the process of review, improvement and possible implementation.

Update 02.04.2020: еще сегодняшние публикации: раз:

Proof-of-concept of a minimalist pressure-controlled emergency ventilator for COVID-19:

This study concerns the proof-of-concept of a simple ventilator implementing the pressure-controlled continuous mandatory ventilation mode (PC-CMV) with settable breathing rates and expiration/inspiration time ratios, intended as a last resort to ventilate COVID-19 patients. The design tries to minimize the use of technical components and those used are common in industry, so its construction may be possible in times of logistical disruption or in areas with reduced access to technical materials and at a moderate cost. Most of the device can be manufactured by modest technical means.
Comments: 16 pages, 14 figures

и два (ЦЕРНовская):

The HEV Ventilator Proposal:

We propose the design of a ventilator which can be easily manufactured and integrated into the hospital environment to support COVID-19 patients. The unit is designed to support standard ventilator modes of operation, most importantly PRVC (Pressure Regulated Volume Control) and SIMV-PC (Synchronised Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation) modes. The unit is not yet an approved medical device and is in the concept and prototyping stage. It is presented here to invite fast feedback for development and deployment in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Comments: 14 pages, 5 figures