September 12th, 2019

лошадь, диаграмма, Фейнман

Клевые лекции по общим свойствам амплитуд рассеяния

Aspects of High Energy Scattering:

Scattering amplitudes in quantum field theories are of widespread interest, due to a large number of theoretical and phenomenological applications. Much is known about the possible behaviour of amplitudes, that is independent of the details of the underlying theory. This knowledge is often neglected in modern QFT courses, and the aim of these notes - aimed at graduate students - is to redress this. We review the possible singularities that amplitudes can have, before examining the generic behaviour that can arise in the high-energy limit. Finally, we illustrate the results using examples from QCD and gravity.

Comments: Research training lectures first given at Queen Mary University of London in June 2019. Submission to SciPost Lecture Notes