May 2nd, 2019

лошадь, диаграмма, Фейнман

КЭД в сильных полях

Summary of strong-field QED Workshop:

A workshop, "Probing strong-field QED in electron--photon interactions", was held in DESY, Hamburg in August 2018, gathering together experts from around the world in this area of physics as well as the accelerator, laser and detector technology that underpins any planned experiment. The aim of the workshop was to bring together experts and those interested in measuring QED in the presence of strong fields at and above the Schwinger critical field. The pioneering experiment, E144 at SLAC, measured multi-photon absorption in Compton scattering and pair production in electron--photon interactions but never reached the Schwinger critical field value. With the advances in laser technology, in particular, new experiments are being considered which should be able to measure non-perturbative QED and its transition from the perturbative regime. This workshop reviewed the physics case and current theoretical predictions for QED and even effects beyond the Standard Model in the interaction of a high-intensity electron bunch with the strong field of the photons from a high-intensity laser bunch. The world's various electron beam facilities were reviewed, along with the challenges of producing and delivering laser beams to the interaction region. Possible facilities and sites that could host such experiments were presented, with a view to experimentally realising the Schwinger critical field in the lab during the 2020s.
лошадь, диаграмма, Фейнман

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Полезна, по крайней мере, обзором и ссылками:

Green Functions, Sommerfeld Images, and Wormholes:

Electrostatic Green functions for grounded equipotential circular and elliptical rings, and grounded hyperspheres in n-dimension electrostatics, are constructed using Sommerfeld's method. These electrostatic systems are treated geometrically as different radial p-norm wormhole metrics that are deformed to be the Manhattan norm, namely "squashed wormholes". Differential geometry techniques are discussed to show how Riemannian geometry plays a rule in Sommerfeld's method. A comparison is made in terms of strength and position of the image charges for Sommerfeld's method with those for the more conventional Kelvin's method. Both methods are shown to be mathematically equivalent in terms of the corresponding Green functions. However, the two methods provide different physics perspectives, especially when studying different limits of those electrostatic systems. Further studies of ellipsoidal cases are suggested.