December 17th, 2018

лошадь, диаграмма, Фейнман

Коротко о теории Редже

Никогда в этом не разбирался, и вряд ли мне это понадобится, но пусть будет:

The long road from Regge poles to the LHC:

The Regge limit of gauge-theory amplitudes and cross sections is a powerful theory tool for the study of fundamental interactions. It is a vast field of research, encompassing perturbative and non-perturbative dynamics, and ranging from purely theoretical developments to detailed phenomenological applications. It traces its origins to the proposal of Tullio Regge, almost sixty years ago, to study scattering phenomena in the complex angular momentum plane. In this very brief contribution, we look back to the early days of Regge theory, and follow a few of the many strands of its development, reaching to present day applications to scattering amplitudes in non-abelian gauge theories.

A contribution to the forthcoming volume "Tullio Regge: an eclectic genius, from quantum gravity to computer play", Eds. L Castellani, A. Ceresole, R. D'Auria and P. Fr\'e, World Scientific.