April 4th, 2018

лошадь, диаграмма, Фейнман

Взаимодействие протонов с веществом для нужд радиационной терапии

Красота какая:
Radiotherapy Proton Interactions in Matter: https://arxiv.org/abs/1804.00022

52 pages, 27 figures. Version, with all appendices and figures, of Ch.2, "Proton Therapy Physics," 2nd edition, H. Paganetti ed., Taylor & Francis (2018) (to be published)

A survey of physics useful to proton radiotherapy, centered on stopping, scattering and hard scatters:
1. Introduction
2. The fundamental formula dose = fluence x mass stopping power. Practical units, comments on effective stopping power.
3. Range: experimental definition, Beth-Bloch CSDA theory, range-energy tables and approximations, range straggling.
4. Multiple Coulomb Scattering: suggested reading, elements of Moliere theory, the Gaussian approximation, scattering power.
5. Hard scatters (nuclear interactions): contributing reactions, shape and size of the halo, experiment, halo as a Monte Carlo test.
6. Bragg curve (effective stopping power): limiting cases S_em and S_mixed, transverse equilibrium, computing S_em, measuring S_mixed, parameterizing the nuclear halo.
7. Looking ahead: Fermi-Eyges theory, the Preston and Koehler rules, a proton dose algorithm from first principles.
A. Acronyms
B. Symbols
C. Gaussians
D. Relativistic kinematics
E. Simple design problems.