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Немножко истории

Оригинал взят у sergepolar в post
Тем, кто полагает, что в европейских (например, немецких) университетах теология играет какую-то суперположительную роль.
Цитата из книги "German genius" Peter Watson:

"In the first place Muenchhausen ensured that theology played a relatively quiet role. Goettingen became the first university to restrict th theological faculty's traditional right of censorship and, as Thomas Howard says in his study of German universities, "It is hard to overstate the historical importance of this measure." As a direct result, the confessional age ended for the universities. Goetz von Selle was just one who characterized this measure as "the pivot for the great turn in German life, which moved its center of gravity from religion to state." By this enlightened measure, Goettingen's freedom to think, write, and publish became unparalleled in Germany."
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