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Умер Робинсон

Первооткрыватель каналирования, один из основателей нашего направления. Ну, он пожил хорошо...

Mark Robinson
23/6/1926 – 30/9/2020

Have just heard that Mark Robinson (Oak Ridge) passed away on 30th September 2020.
Mark Robinson, a retired ORNL researcher who was a co-discoverer of the ion channeling phenomenon, died September 30 in Oak Ridge. Robinson's work with David K. Holmes and Ordean Oen, using computer simulations, led to the discovery of channeling in 1962 by demonstrating how an atom of copper could travel through rows of atoms in a crystal lattice. It was one of the first major discoveries using computational simulations. His work led to the Marlowe simulation program and made many important contributions in the field of ion-solid interactions. Channelling is still recognized as one of the top 75 breakthroughs made by America’s National Laboratories - https://www.energy.gov/downloads/75-breakthroughs-americas-national-laboratories
More information about Mark can be found on the website from the Festchrift held for him in 2013 https://www.uknibc.co.uk/REM6/Festschrift.html

Our sympathies are with his families and friends.

All the best,

Roger Webb
Tags: matlab, каналирование, люди, наука, текущее

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