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Снова о кислородном эффекте в лучевой терапии

Oxygen depletion in FLASH ultra-high-dose-rate radiotherapy: A molecular dynamics simulation: https://arxiv.org/abs/2010.00744

Ramin Abolfath, David Grosshans, Radhe Mohan
We present a first-principles molecular dynamics (MD) simulation and expound upon a mechanism of oxygen depletion hypothesis to explain the mitigation of normal tissue injury observed in ultra-high-dose-rate (UHDR) FLASH radiotherapy. We simulated damage to a segment of DNA (also representing other bio-molecules such as RNA and proteins) in a simulation box filled with H2O and O2 molecules. Attoseconds physical interactions (ionizations, electronic and vibrational excitations) were simulated by using the Monte Carlo track structure code Geant4-DNA. Immediately after ionization, {\it ab initio} Car-Parrinello molecular dynamics (CPMD) simulation was used to identify which H2O and O2 molecules surrounding the DNA-molecule were converted into reactive oxygen species (ROS). Subsequently, the femto- to nano-second reactions of ROS were simulated by using MD with Reactive Force Field (ReaxFF), to illustrate ROS merging into new types of non-reactive oxygen species (NROS) due to strong coupling among ROS. Time-dependent molecular simulations revealed the formation of metastable and transient spaghetti-like complexes among ROS generated at UHDR. At the higher ROS densities produced under UHDR, stranded chains (i.e., NROS) are produced, mediated through attractive electric polarity forces, hydrogen bonds, and magnetic dipole-dipole interactions among hydroxyl (\ce{^{.}OH}) radicals. NROS tend to be less mobile than cellular biomolecules as opposed to the isolated and sparsely dense ROS generated at conventional dose rates (CDR). We attribute this effect to the suppression of bio-molecular damage induced per particle track. At a given oxygen level, as the dose rate increases, the size and number of NROS chains increase, and correspondingly the population of toxic ROS components decreases.
Tags: люди, медицинская физика, разгребая arXiv'ы

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