2born (2born) wrote,

Будущее теории деления

Еще одна сегодняшняя вкусность из арХива:

Future of Nuclear Fission Theory: https://arxiv.org/abs/2005.10216
[очень много авторов:]
There has been much recent interest in nuclear fission, due in part to a new appreciation of its relevance to astrophysics, stability of superheavy elements, and fundamental theory of neutrino interactions. At the same time, there have been important developments on a conceptual and computational level for the theory. The promising new theoretical avenues were the subject of a workshop held at the University of York in October 2019; this report summarises its findings and recommendations.
Comments: 86 LaTeX pages, 3 figures, 331 references, submitted as Topical Review to Journal of Physics G
Tags: Мегаучебник или Что я читал и похвалил, разгребая arXiv'ы

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