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Гамма-фабрика в ЦЕРНе

Оказывается, в ЦЕРНе планируют сделать источник света на основе давно напрашивавшейся идеи: разгоняем в ускорителе ионы (с не всеми ободранными электронами), возбуждаем эти электроны, а они зачем излучают фотоны, и если вперед - то в гамма-диапазоне (должна получиться на 7 порядков большая интенсивность по сравнению с существующими источниками излучения!). Авторы статьи обсуждают что можно сделать побочного атомно-физического с этим пучком ионов (среди авторов - младший Будкер, несколько лет назад у нас перевели его забавный современный учебник атомной физики).

Atomic physics studies at the Gamma Factory at CERN: https://arxiv.org/abs/2003.03855

The Gamma Factory initiative proposes to develop novel research tools at CERN by producing, accelerating and storing highly relativistic, partially stripped ion beams in the SPS and LHC storage rings. By exciting the electronic degrees of freedom of the stored ions with lasers, high-energy narrow-band photon beams will be produced by properly collimating the secondary radiation that is peaked in the direction of ions' propagation. Their intensities, up to 1017 photons per second, will be several orders of magnitude higher than those of the presently operating light sources in the particularly interesting γ--ray energy domain reaching up to 400 MeV. This article reviews opportunities that may be afforded by utilizing the primary beams for spectroscopy of partially stripped ions circulating in the storage ring, as well as the atomic-physics opportunities afforded by the use of the secondary high-energy photon beams. The Gamma Factory will enable ground breaking experiments in spectroscopy and novel ways of testing fundamental symmetries of nature.
Comments: 15 pages, 3 figures

Update 12.03.2020: что-то все возбудились атомной физикой на пучках тяжелых ионов, вот сегодняшнее:

Heavy-Ion Storage Rings and Their Use in Precision Experiments with Highly Charged Ions: https://arxiv.org/abs/2003.05201

Storage rings have been employed over three decades in various kinds of nuclear and atomic physics experiments with highly charged ions. Storage ring operation and precision physics experiments benefit from the availability of beam cooling which is common to nearly all facilities. The basic aspects of the storage ring components and the operation of the ring in various ion-optical modes as well as the achievable beam conditions are described. Ion storage rings offer unparalleled capabilities for high precision experiments with stable and radioactive beams. The versatile techniques and methods for beam manipulations allow for preparing beams of highest quality at any energy of interest. The rings are therefore part of the experiment . Recent experiments conducted in a wide energy range and with various experimental installations are discussed. An overview of active and planned facilities, new experimental set-ups and proposed physics experiments completes this review.
Comments: Progress in Particle and Nuclear Physics (in press)
Tags: Мегаучебник или Что я читал и похвалил, наука, разгребая arXiv'ы, техника

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