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Торможение ионов: оказывается, Зигмунд из Оденсе еще работает, мне казалось, он уже давно на пенсии

Вот такое пришло в рассылке:

Stopping cross sections for ions computed by an expanded PASS code are now freely accessible on the internet at https://www.sdu.dk/en/DPASS

Data may be extracted for all elemental ions and targets from hydrogen to uranium over an energy range of (currently) 1 keV/u to 1GeV/u.

Detailed documentation for the latest version of the PASS code, accompanied by numerous comparisons with measurements, may be found in our paper entitled “Expanded Pass stopping code” appearing in the proceedings of SHIM/ICACS 2018 and now accessible at https://doi.org/10.1016/j.nimb.2018.10.047.

Andreas Schinner, Linz

Peter Sigmund, Odense
Tags: люди, наука

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