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Коротко о теории Редже

Никогда в этом не разбирался, и вряд ли мне это понадобится, но пусть будет:

The long road from Regge poles to the LHC: https://arxiv.org/abs/1812.05829

The Regge limit of gauge-theory amplitudes and cross sections is a powerful theory tool for the study of fundamental interactions. It is a vast field of research, encompassing perturbative and non-perturbative dynamics, and ranging from purely theoretical developments to detailed phenomenological applications. It traces its origins to the proposal of Tullio Regge, almost sixty years ago, to study scattering phenomena in the complex angular momentum plane. In this very brief contribution, we look back to the early days of Regge theory, and follow a few of the many strands of its development, reaching to present day applications to scattering amplitudes in non-abelian gauge theories.

A contribution to the forthcoming volume "Tullio Regge: an eclectic genius, from quantum gravity to computer play", Eds. L Castellani, A. Ceresole, R. D'Auria and P. Fr\'e, World Scientific.
Увы, без фотоаппарата. Вы же не примете фото на телефон в качестве доказательства? ;)

The unsustainable legacy of the Nuclear Age: https://arxiv.org/abs/1812.02332

It is seldom acknowledged the tremendous burden that the Nuclear Age leaves on future generations, and the environment, for an extremely long time. Nuclear processes, and products, are activated at energies millions of times higher than the energies of chemical processes, and consequently they cannot be eliminated by the natural environment on Earth. So it turns out that hundreds of nuclear tests performed in the atmosphere left a huge radioactive contamination; Rosalie Bertell estimated 1,300 millions victims of the Nuclear Age; civil nuclear programs have produced enormous quantities of radioactive waste, whose final disposal has not been solved by any country; decommissioning of tens of shut down nuclear plants shall involve costs which were underestimated in the past; spent nuclear fuel accumulates in decontamination pools, or in dry cask storage, but no final storage has been carried out yet; radioactivity of spent fuel will last for tens of thousand years; military nuclear programs leave, besides almost 15,000 nuclear warheads, approximately 1,300 metric tons of plutonium; even mining of natural uranium was, and is, carried out mainly by poor and exploited populations, which suffer serious health consequences; paradoxically enough (or maybe not), French territory itself is widely contaminated. All these facts have been downplayed during the whole history of the Nuclear Age. Future generations shall not be grateful.
Franz-Keldysh effect in strong-field QED: https://arxiv.org/abs/1812.03630

Не вчитывался, но, по крайней мере, введение написано обстоятельно и полезно.

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